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1. 2002 Easca became the official supplier for Lenovo R&D dept.

2. 2003 Easca became the only electronic assembly supplier for Royce
    Thompson who is the  famous Photocell manufacturer in Europe.

3. 2004 Easca successfully developed the methanol fuel cell electrode boards
    by special Teflon material and technology for German SFC company.

4. 2005 Easca successfully developed Cu-based thermal board for Solar Power
    Plant in Munich,this metal board was plated up to 25 micro inch 99.9% pure soft
    gold and routed accurate concave.

5. 2006 Easca successfully developed special LED PCB embed with copper
    chapiter and pins for Russian company.

6. 2007 Easca successfully developed double layer AI-based PCB using
    Teconic and Arlon material.

7. 2008 Easca has successfully developed reliable HID electronic ballast for
    lighting energy saving field, and this advanced technology is being changed into application.

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