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PCB Product
  Multilayer PCB
Metal PCB
  Aluminum material and Cu material
Typical PCB
  F4BK and Taconic material
Aluminum material and Cu material


We can supply metal PCBs with famous thermal conductive materials from such as Thermagon Inc??USA??and Chinese local enterprise, you can choose either one as your PCB application.

2.0mm, 2layer, laminate to ALU,
Aluminum material (CCAF-1), 1.6mm, 1layer,
thermic  resistance 1.0C0/W
OSP finish, routed panel, thermic resistance 0.6C0/W
Taconic(TXL-9) to ALU material, 1.6mm, 2layer, blind slot, thermic resistance1.0C0/W
Aluminum material (CCAF-01),1.6mm, 1L,
lead free HAL
CCAF-02, 1.6mm, lead free HAL + immersion gold.
Cu material (thermgon), 1L, electroplating soft pure gold ,0.4um Au, Cu-based window on dielectric
Aluminum material (CCAF-01), 1.6mm, 1layer, thermic resistance 0.6C0/W
Aluminum material (CCAF-05), 1.6mm, 1layer, thermic resistance 0.45C0/W
Aluminum material (CCAF-05), 1.6mm, lead free HAL,
1layer, thermic resistance 0.45C0/W

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