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PCBA Service


Core competitiveness:

EASCA is an enterprise group which is dedicated to PCB, PCB Assembly services and customer satisfactory services.
Boasting EASCA’s reputation during these years, we have settled good relationships with many components providers, which enable EASCA to get cheap but good components all the time. Meanwhile, EASCA factory applies advanced and personalized management strategy that makes everyone energetic to work perfectly and the cost goes down every year.
EASCA is the main provider of British lighting company Royce & Thompson nowadays and sells 3 millions points per month including SMT and DIP to European market.
SMT machine: NXT, XP-143C, FUJI brand
Reflow: NS-800
ICT test / Function test
Automatic silk-print machine
The smallest SMT component that we can handle: 0402
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Add.:F6, #2 building, Meijing Industrial Park, QiaoXiang Road, NanShan District, Shenzhen, China  ZIP: 518000
Phone: +86-755-82847982, 82847955 Fax: +86-755-82847985